You can find the names of mediators by referring to this Directory, the Yellow Pages of the phone directory or by contacting Mediation Services with Saskatchewan Justice. 

Mediators who belong to Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan are committed to high standards of competence and professionalism and subscribe to the Code of Professional Conduct of Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan.  Mediators are required to screen for abuse or other issues that may prevent mediation from being effective. 

It is important to remember that the mediator is an impartial person who will assist you in resolving your differences but will not make decisions for you. 

You may also be working together for a period of time, therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable with the mediator.  It is also appropriate for you to raise concerns about the impartiality if you feel the mediator is trying to influence the agreement you are negotiating. 

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing a mediator.  The following are some questions that you may wish to ask mediators in order to find one who is right for you:  


 1.     What is the professional background of the mediator?

 2.     What general work history does the mediator have?

 3.     What is the mediator's basic training in mediation?

 4.     Does the mediator have any ongoing professional development or special advanced training in mediation?

 5.     What professional organizations does the mediator belong to?  Does the mediator have any other professional support?

 6.     What general mediation experience does the mediator have and do they have experience with the specific type of dispute that you are involved in?

 7.     Does the mediator adhere to a professional code of conduct?

 8.     What does the mediator charge and on what basis (how is travel, administrative and clerical time handled)?  Does the mediator charge for initial consultation?  Can the mediator provide you with a copy of their agreement to mediate?

 9.     Can references be provided?

 10.   What role would the mediator see for your lawyer or other professionals (accountant, counselors, therapists, etc.) in the mediation process?

 11.   Ask the mediator to describe the general process they use in mediation (how is process initiated, what is the meeting format, who can attend meetings, are meeting summaries prepared, etc.)?