Index to Terms and Abbreviations

In this directory Areas of Competence: have been described in general categories for convenience.  The following indicates the type of matters which could be included in each general category: 

Commercial   Could include debtor/creditor problems, partnership or company disputes, contract disputes or other civil matters.
Family Could include support of spouse or children, parenting, division of matrimonial property and related issues and disputes regarding estates.
Organizational Could include labour/management disputes, workplace conflict and harassment or grievance mediation.
Victim/Offender Could include victim/offender reconciliation and mediation.
Public Policy/ Environmental Could include expropriation and other land use disputes and issues regarding the development and/or implementation of public policy.
Community Could include neighborhood disputes, zoning conflicts or community development.
School Could include teacher/student disputes and student/student disputes or development of peer mediation programs.
Cross-Cultural Refers to resolving conflict involving participants from different cultures.
Training Involves design and delivery of conflict resolution workshops and/or mediation training programs.
Facilitation Involves the development and delivery of larger scale problem solving or consensus development processes.