Marg Romanow

Marg Romanow

Marg is a Qualified Mediator and Qualified Arbitrator. As a Qualified Mediator, she has met the requirements to be on the Minister of Justice’s List of Qualified Mediators for the province of Saskatchewan.

Marg has participated on numerous Boards and Committees. She is a life-long learner and has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors program achieving the ICD.D Board of Director designation and recently completed a Strategic Planning program through the ICD.

Marg has worked on a number of Boards; is the Founding Chair of the Healthcare Pension Board in Sask (SHEPP) and currently continues to serve on that Board. She has served on the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute (CPBI)  Board, Canadian Board of the International Foundation of Employee Benefits (IF) , the Saskatchewan WCB Board, and the Canadian Blood Services Pension Board. Currently Marg serves on the Regina United Way and Regina Huston Heights Boards.

As a long term member of both the CPBI and the IF, she has taken numerous courses on board governance, investments and board responsibilities. She has the IF designations of Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, and Masters in Board Trustee Management.

As a member of the Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan Board, Marg wishes to assist with activities and initiatives to reduce conflict.

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