Tim Nickel

Tim Nickel

Tim Nickel has been involved in the board of Conflict Resolution in one way or another since 2009. He has
practiced as a mediator, trainer, and consultant in Saskatchewan since 1997, first with Saskatoon Community Mediation Services, then with the Dispute Resolution Office of Saskatchewan Justice, and finally in private practice. Tim has served on the executive of boards of directors of Community Based Organizations throughout his career, focusing on refugee settlement, scouting and youth, and social services. He rounds out his time in Saskatoon
gardening, playing ultimate disc sports, canoeing and camping on the Churchill River with his wife Sherry, and attempting to keep up with his two teenage sons’ extreme tastes in activity. Tim believes strongly in the necessity of a culture and civilization that approaches conflict constructively and wisely such that people with widely different views and identities can advance and grow together.

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