The History of Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan Inc.


Daniel Hamoline, (Fifth Avenue Counselling, Mediation and Arbitration), was the founder of Mediation in Saskatchewan. He began practicing mediation in 1983, though it was a struggle and took a few years to get established. This eventually led to the formation of a grassroots organization, Mediation Saskatchewan.

MEDIATION SASKATCHEWAN INC. (Now CRSI) was incorporated on August 18, 1999 as a Saskatchewan nonprofit membership organization.

MEDIATION SASKATCHEWAN INC acted as an advisor for the induction and development of a 390-hour Advanced Dispute Resolution Certificate course at SIAST from 1998 to 2003. One course, 39 hours, still exists today at Sask. Polytechnic.

In the past MEDIATION SASKATCHEWAN INC created and distributed a Directory of Mediators as well as a newsletter “The Round Table”. Our Directory is now only published on-line on our web-site.

MEDIATION SASKATCHEWAN INC. (Now CRSI) has largely devoted its energies to hosting conferences. Top experts in the field have been brought to Saskatchewan such as Ken Cloke, Dr. Joe Folger, Heidi Burgess, Janet Schmidt, Bill Eddy, and Dr. Sam Kaner.

At the 2002 retreat, the early stages of our transformation, Mediation Saskatchewan Inc. began discussions on broadening public awareness of conflict resolution, outreach relationship building and targeting potential markets that need serving. One of the key items noted at the Retreat was community development – developing relationships with other professions, i.e. Mental Health, Lawyers and promoting affiliations.

In 2003, the members voted to change our name from Mediation Saskatchewan Inc. to Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan Inc. to reflect the diversity of our members and provide services for a broader spectrum.

In 2009ish considerable efforts were taken to bring best practices to organization by updating accounting practices, incorporating Rogers Rules in running a meeting and keeping the bylaws current.

Significant efforts were taken to develop relationships with like-minded organizations.

CRSI played an advisory role in the Dean’s Forum on Access to Justice.

In 2013, Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan Inc. began awarding a “Peacemaker Award” annually to an individual or organization who is nominated and meets the defined criteria. The criteria for this award reflects a broad and diverse mandate.

In 2018/2019, the board of Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan Inc. is undertaking a review of the mandate to continue a process it views to move from an organization focused on the practice of mediation to a more diverse and inclusive mandate and membership.

Mediation Trainings

The CRSI is pleased to promote trainings from our various community partners. Check out our Ideas sections to see what is going on!

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